vegan advocacy , how to not overdo it

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Share recipes.
Give inspiration
Dispel myths
Provide facts
Expose cruelty
Lead by example

Name call
Judge others
Spread misinformation
Inspire hatred
Act perfect
Forget you weren’t always vegan



a raw organic vegan lipbalm


I wasn’t going to write about this product until I realised it’s getting cold outside and new vegans may not be aware of these cruelty-free alternatives. I believe I bought these lip-balms two years ago and I was very excited to have found them: I needed a vegan lip-balm so badly and this was finally available in a physical store nearby. I immediately gave into the temptation and chose two different scents. One with ginger and the other with mint flavor. Honestly there isn’t much to say about the Hurraw! balms other than: they are smooth, cream-like velvet-y on the lips, moisture very well and I got plenty of use out of them. A little bit goes a long way: such a long way that I had them around in my car and handbag for over a year and a half now. I forgot about their raw ingredients and therefore I must add: use these frequently because after a some time (a year and plus) these will go bad eventually. Honestly I should have known better as I mostly buy organic natural products that need to be used before a certain time-frame.

I do believe if you’re in a hurry and you’re not into making your own lip balm: this is possibly the best one, at least I haven’t found a better vegan and cruelty-free lip balm out there yet.

Here is what the company’s website state about these two lip balms: ” We melt in our creamy raw organic coconut oil, rich raw organic cacao butter and emollient cold pressed organic castor oil. We mingle in a trio of flavors from pure essential oils and all natural flavor extracts to create a unique, long lasting, very nourishing lip balm. ”  You should probably take a look at their website because they seem to be very transparent about their products with loads of in-depth information about the ingredient-list and every lip balm is obviously very attractive!

They aren’t cheap but you pay what you get. I would repurchase these for sure, but perhaps this time in another scent and flavor, simply because there are so many options and it’s really tempting to try a new one each time.

through vegan eyes

tumblr_m83m05ZzMv1roj2gxo1_500I watch my “environmentalist” friends eating meat, the biggest cause of global warming, ocean acidification, land degradation, and destruction of the Amazon.

I watch my “feminist” friends chowing down on eggs and dairy, literally the products of the abused female reproductive system.

I watch my “spiritual” friends preach kindness and compassion and ‘do unto others,’ and ‘don’t take on negative energy’ while they consume the products of torture, cruelty, and death of the most vulnerable and innocent members of our society.

I watch my “social justice” friends crying out for equal rights for all while they deny every last right to the most vulnerable members of our society.

I watch my “animal lover” friends pay for every form of animal cruelty imaginable to man.

I watch my “doctor” friends tell people that they need meat, eggs, and dairy, some of the biggest contributors to cancer and cardiovascular disease, for iron, calcium, and protein, when these nutrients are found in life-giving plants… and then I watch my ‘healthy fitness’ friends take their advice.

Want to see absurd? See the world through vegan eyes.

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Have you seen Okja yet?

Yesterday June 28th marks the day of Okja‘s release on Netflix, and today June 29th everyone is talking about it. Among vegans, it has been praised -before its release- as a film that would hopefully spread a vegan message and be the first of its kind. Unfortunately, according to many vegans, it wasn’t what they expected. But don’t be discouraged, this film shall probably appeal to a broader audience this way and I’m sure everyone will have something to say about this movie as it is very unique.

I’m not going to spoil the movie or tell you how it goes, because I truly believe you have to experience this one for yourself, and please do so. Okja is not your typical movie but it will leave some impact of emotion. For me, it wasn’t the emotion I was hoping for, but at least it was an emotion and I still needed a moment afterwards to just think about what I’ve just seen. I decided right away that I would rate it an 8.

I want to make a thing clear about this movie, in particular the vegetarian/vegan expectation. In the hope that people would slow down before they project their disappointments and therefore enable this movie’s success. Because believe me, this movie needs to be seen and discussed. I honestly think that if the unaware/average/curious person is somehow attracted to watch Okja, there is a slight chance that this person shall open its mind about some of the movie’s critical points (such as GMO’s, marketing propaganda, meat production, etc.) Keep in mind that the writer/director of Okja (Joon-ho Bong) is not vegan. Therefore the essence of this movie doesn’t come from a vegan state of mind. Okja isn’t about veganism nor speciesism, but it entails the love for a farm animal. And that could inspire people to make the connection between meat and its origin. The movie will lead you to consider seeing farm animals as individuals with their own personalities and therefore I believe the result of the movie is captivating and necessary. 

tip: keep watching Okja until after the end credits,
because one extra scene will be revealed at the very end!

Feel free to share your experience, I would be glad to discuss this movie with you in the comment section here below.

this vegan chef

I was going to share a list of my favorite youtube channels for vegan food and cooking inspiration but then I was like ‘NO, only this one chef needs to get all the attention, because right now he is absolutely the best. His channel name is avantgardevegan by Gaz Oakley and he’s been doing a great job at creating refreshing recipes, coming up with nice seasonal ideas, veganizing traditional food, finishing his creations with an immaculate presentation and he has also such an effortless way of making food and talking to the camera with kindness. I might have a slight crush on this one, but that is just because of the great-looking food, I swear.. (what she says that to her boyfriend while watching these videos together) Unless you know a better vegan food channel, correct me, but for now he is hot. So please go check out his cooking and follow those mouthwatering instagram pictures. #govegan



I can’t agree with most so-called top-chefs out there, who cook without a proper notion of health or nutrition and never question their title and happen to appear everywhere on television and in magazines and get paid for promoting unhealthy lifestyles. As an animal lover and vegan, it’s not appealing for me to watch someone mindlessly prepare dead animal parts, soak it in butter and call it tasty. Therefore I generally tend to stay away from cooking shows and select my food information very carefully. Nevertheless, I came across a documentary series on Netflix about some sophisticated/haute cuisine. Although I wasn’t going to watch this entire documentary series, I still got very intrigued by one specific chef, a strong spiritual aware chef who knows how to feed the body with good intention and pure energy.

Season 3 of The Chef’s Table – Episode 1: This specific episode is inspiring on many levels and I highly recommend you to watch this one. It’s about the life and vision of Jeong Kwan, a Zen Buddhist nun that cooks holy temple food. She prepares her food with calmness, harmony and serenity which makes this food ideal to maintain a zen energy for meditation. Although this documentary focuses upon her exquisite cuisine, for me it mostly depicts her philosophy on peaceful living. She has a way of life that is so calming and she even radiates this energy throughout the documentary. I am not kidding you, I instantly felt peaceful after watching this episode. It was such a delight to get inspired by her divine way of cooking. She made me understand spices as a certain tone of energy, therefore we should be mindful about what kind of energy we put in our system. I already knew as a vegan that staying away form corpses and products that are the result of fear and death is keeping me away from consuming such negative energy. But now I also understand that we don’t always need to season our food for the sake of taste, it matters more what energy we want to attain with this food.



On YouTube I came across a few videos where lactating mothers inspire other mums to breastfeed their children (openly). It seemed awkward at first to be exposed to such private content, for me it felt almost inappropriate to be watching this intimate act between mother and child. Despite my initial discomfort, I praised their openness and willingness to broadcast what is the most natural thing in life. I realized how my discomfort has been a learned cultural response, a proof of how our culture alienates us from what is absolutely natural and pushes us father away from our roots. Then again I got very upset to read a huge amount of negative comments/opinions concerning breastfeeding a child that culturally seems old (i.e. older than a newborn baby) to be fed mother’s milk. I cannot grasp how it seem wrong for a mother to decide how long her child needs to be breastfed.

Above that it disturbs me even more to witness how we as a society have been conditioned into believing it is normal for a grownup (wo)man to be drinking the mothers’ milk of another species. We as humans are the only species on earth to be drinking milk as an adult. This phenomenon does not occur in nature. Milk can only be produced when a mammal is pregnant, to feed her child. Let that sink in.

drinking milk

beste gemeente, beste overheid

Toen mij gevraagd werd een enquête over mijn gemeente of ons overheid in te vullen, heb ik maar eens mijn werk van gemaakt om aan te duiden wat er duidelijk moest gemaakt worden en ook toen mij gevraagd werd als laatst of ik nog een opmerking had, heb ik maar eens mijn mening uitgewerkt. Ik weet niet of het enige invloed kan hebben, maar ik vermoed dat minstens 1 persoon het ergens als job ga krijgen om die te lezen, en hopelijk kan ik die ene persoon beroeren en aanzetten tot meer, tot verbetering, tot bewustwording. Zo luidt het:

“Graag meer pesticide vrije landbouw, een diervriendelijke samenleving en een ecologisch beleid met oog voor een gezonde toekomst voor alle aardbewoners. Dat wil zeggen ook correcte informatie verspreiden over de oorzaak en grootste aandeelhouders in de aardeopwarming, lucht- en watervervuiling, de industrieën die het meest schade berokken aan het milieu, dat is met name de veeteelt-industrie die bovendien inefficiënt gebruikt maakt van landoppervlakte en hiermee contribueert aan wereldhonger, daarbij is een zuivel, ei, vis en vlees-arme dieet veel gezonder voor de mens (en dieren) en zouden de dokters hier ook meer van op de hoogte gebracht mogen worden i.p.v. geïndoctrineerd door misleidende reclame en multinationals die met oog op winst en geld, ten nadele van de gewone onwetende mens, schade aandoet aan alle partijen buiten de winsthebbers zelf. Onze samenleving moet meer gefocust zijn naar hernieuwbare energieën, beter leren sorteren van recycleerbaar materialen, het verminderen van afval en verpakkingen door ook het fiscaal stimuleren van verpakkingsvrije winkels. Een gemeente en een overheid zou voor haar inwoners goede intenties moeten vertonen, en een voorbeeld mogen zijn op grote schaal, op wereldvlak. wij mogen vooruitgang maken en dan pas kan ik trots zijn over onze samenleving, onze gemeente, overheid of land.”