is being vegan restrictive?

” Sometimes people say to me veganism is restrictive’.  Now, before I was vegan, I had one type of milk. Cows Milk.  Now I have oat milk and rice milk and soya milk and coconut milk and almond milk and cashew milk and hazelnut milk.  I cook with ingredients and foods I’d never heard of before I went vegan.  When I used to open my fridge it would look like a morgue, it would just be dead chickens everywhere, sometimes the occasional dead cow.  Maybe the occasional dead pig, predominantly dead chicken.  Now I open my fridge – it’s a garden.  There’s so many colours.  There’s such a beautiful array of foods, I look forward to cooking.  Going vegan encouraged me to reinvent the ways that I cooked, cooking ingredients I’d never heard of.  And because of that I enjoy my food so much more than I ever did because it allowed me to reinvent my culinary experience and explore flavours I never considered as being something that I should eat.

quote from Earthling Ed
watch full video here


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