act sustainably: do what is right


image by hilde.

do what is right
not what is easy

Everything we do has an impact on everything around us: the planet, the environment, people, animals.. Make choices based on what is right, rather than what is ‘easy’.  Things that seemingly makes our lives a bit convenient/easier, can make life much harder for other sentient beings with whom we share this planet with. Want to learn more about our impact as human beings towards animals, watch the documentary Earthlings (trigger warning alert).

there is still hope for the depressed

I thought I’ve seen it all, heard it all, said it all. It’s called depression, when there is no more will to live. But yesterday I’ve seen a piece of a dance choreography that blew my mind. And I was like ‘goddamn there is still stuff to be discovered’ the world is large enough, the internet wide enough, books are yet to be read. What was I thinking?
I haven’t seen it all, I haven’t heard it all, there is still things I need to say because I’m dauntless

beautiful image by Chiara Zonca                           

natural skincare

Here is a video of a lovely blogger-youtuber introducing single ingredient products for your skin. I wouldn’t have been able to explain it better than she does, so here you go:

As mentioned in this video, here is a list of the single-ingredients with their uses:

pure almond oil – great for make-up-removal, especially mascara
blended oats with a little bit of water to make a paste – moisturising cleanser

bentonite clay with water – for spot treatment, put on top of breakouts
apple cider vinegar with water – toner
coconut oil – body moisturiser
rosehip oil – serum
vitamin E oil – dry patches

tea tree oil – blemishes

a minimal skincare

I’m slowly adapting towards a minimal skincare routine, because less is more efficient & more effective when it comes to taking care of your hair and skin mindfully. You reduce the amount of toxic harmful ingredients, spend less time preparing your face/hair, spend less money on stuff that isn’t serving your natural beauty. It’s clear that in this case less is more; eco-friendly, budget-friendly, skin-friendly and especially maintain-friendly.

We females often buy the hypes and commercials around beauty-products and we accumulate a galore of products that never gets used up. I’m completely guilty of this. In the last year I’ve thrown away dozens of half-full bottles of skincare. Lesson learned now: I only buy what I use and get rid immediately of what doesn’t work for me. Stick to what works, toss what doesn’t. By buying and consuming products mindfully, you do yourself the favour of building awareness of you own skin-type and you learn to actually take care of yourself; reduce blemishes, moisture dryness, heal scars, all the while becoming familiar with your skin. When I buy skincare products these days, I try to chose those products with a very short ingredient list. Not only are those ingredients mostly recognisable, they are also more trustworthy and are actually the purest to perform and act effectively.

how to perfectly screw up your life

  1. wait for the “right” moment to take actions for your dream
  2. always think that you’re the victim and just keep complaining
  3. regret all the time and feel bad about yourself
  4. get a job you don’t like and keep it till the day you die
  5. be with someone who you don’t even like
  6. take everything for granted and believe that people should give you more
  7. stay with someone who doesn’t treasure you