a minimal skincare

I’m slowly adapting towards a minimal skincare routine, because less is more efficient & more effective when it comes to taking care of your hair and skin mindfully. You reduce the amount of toxic harmful ingredients, spend less time preparing your face/hair, spend less money on stuff that isn’t serving your natural beauty. It’s clear that in this case less is more; eco-friendly, budget-friendly, skin-friendly and especially maintain-friendly.

We females often buy the hypes and commercials around beauty-products and we accumulate a galore of products that never gets used up. I’m completely guilty of this. In the last year I’ve thrown away dozens of half-full bottles of skincare. Lesson learned now: I only buy what I use and get rid immediately of what doesn’t work for me. Stick to what works, toss what doesn’t. By buying and consuming products mindfully, you do yourself the favour of building awareness of you own skin-type and you learn to actually take care of yourself; reduce blemishes, moisture dryness, heal scars, all the while becoming familiar with your skin. When I buy skincare products these days, I try to chose those products with a very short ingredient list. Not only are those ingredients mostly recognisable, they are also more trustworthy and are actually the purest to perform and act effectively.

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