from the mess to the void

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Underneath the mess, I found a mirror to my soul. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t doing what makes me happy. De-cluttering was the first challenge, but the second challenge is even more difficult: do what makes you happy. What is that? What defines happiness. A lack of stress is for me a state of mental happiness, but still it isn’t enough. Happiness is hard to come by. When the clutter made more and more stress, I caved into the emptiness of my life. I found myself lonesome and bored. Bored of the usual, a massive change needed to happen. I reclaimed the relationships that needed help, such as my bond with my parents: I truly missed knowing my parents for years and I finally managed to sustain a synergistic relationship between me and them. I need to establish a relationship with myself now, a healthy positive relationship with myself.


when enough is enough


Exhaustion is a sign of chaos, not a badge of honour. As a society we too often romanticize overexertion. Exhausted is not the new chic, and running on fumes is not admirable. Why do we hold pedestals for sleepless nights, breakdowns, and inner turmoil? Are those really things to aspire to? Self-care. Balance. The ability to know when your body, mind, and spirit need to take a step back. Those are things we should admire. We have to stop blurring the line between ‘commitment’ and self-endangerment because too many people are burning out before they have a chance to truly shine.
– quote by nikki blackketter