less equals more

Whether you drive a BMW or a Maruti, the road remains the same. Whether you fly Economy or Business Class, your destination doesn’t change. Whether you wear Titan or Rolex, time remains the same. Whether you use a Samsung or Apple, the people who call you are the same. It’s not wrong to dream about a luxurious life, though notice that need doesn’t become greed: because needs can always be met, but greed can never be fulfilled.

slightly adapted quote from Rajnikanth

when is less less?

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Although it’s been beautiful to witness it snowing before officially winter season, we unfortunately encountered some damage due to the abundance of snow. Our house is very old and too big for us, but we can’t move out yet unless we can sell it. Thus for now we manage our situation with what we have. Due to the sudden weather change (climate change, anyone?) we experienced a few heavy leakages in our house. To my surprise I remained quite calm and praised myself even lucky because no valuable stuff was destroyed to the water. I knew this situation was shitty but we dealt with it as we could: mopping the ice cold water and putting buckets where was needed, so by daylight we could take a look on our roof to remove the obstructing snow. It took us 3 days to be leak-free and now we are okay: we still have a roof, we still have walls and for now our heating-system is still working, so we embrace this self-awareness and try to enjoy these moments of bliss. Because we are lucky enough to have a home, although not ideal, it’s still a home.

Through the crisis I couldn’t help noticing how eventually minimalism was not the answer in this scenario: we needed many buckets and so many rags. We didn’t have enough buckets and luckily I didn’t discard those ugly plastic storage boxed yet, because at that time we needed them very much and what a relief it was. I realised not all things should be pretty and curated, some things should be kept for emergencies. It’s just not always a good idea to have very little but it’s up to you to define an emergency, I guess.  Luckily I know now that those plastic containers I need them very much and I will hold on to them for now, especially while we still live here.


Q: Have you encountered a situation where minimalism was not the best response?


Photograph used for this article
is by Willem Douven