The Q’s I ask myself frequently
& feel free to ask me anything

Why do I write about the things I write? On a personal level it is to make me grasp all things a little bit more, to be able to put it down in words and make sense of it all, have my memories recorded and track down my path. But Why do I publish my reflections and realizations on the internet? Simply because it speaks to a larger audience, I don’t know where these words would end up in time or how long the internet will keep this blog visibly alive, but it gives me hope to know it might help someone out, inspire someone now or in the far future, it might speak to you, it might be useful or even helpful, who knows. For those who (have) know(n) me in real life, what‘s real life =okay shut up philosophical-ironic-minded me=, well they might learn some new aspects or depths of my own perspectives on life. I used to always write to my future-self to remind me of my past-self, document my thoughts and record my experiences, as a possible source of inspiration for the future. Well, today I noticed: inspiration keeps flowing all the time, therefore I don’t need to hold on to one source of inspiration, I can find it anywhere at anytime. So putting it on the internet gives me actual space in my mind and my environment (throwing files away from my laptop for example), it clears the surface to me, it allows me to let go of any possession, by sharing my ideas and pass it on to those who are simply interested. And also for me maybe always have a way to look back at it things, without holding on to them, but just continuously enjoy the process of living in the now. Why do I juggle between Dutch writing and English? Well I don’t fully understand this part myself as well, yet, though, I believe my Dutch vocabulary is way broader than my English one. So sometimes it feels natural to write in dutch, other times, just like now, it feels absolutely right to write in English. though, I wish I could always write in English to attain a larger audience and exchange my thoughts and “knowledge” (explicitly between parentheses) with lots of people from different parts of the World, because it would be awesome to meet or talk to some of you that are in a way even more connected to me than we already are.

written on 15.12.2015

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