from the mess to the void

errer__27892303_424955597938216_398144997347557376_nsource image: errer_

Underneath the mess, I found a mirror to my soul. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t doing what makes me happy. De-cluttering was the first challenge, but the second challenge is even more difficult: do what makes you happy. What is that? What defines happiness. A lack of stress is for me a state of mental happiness, but still it isn’t enough. Happiness is hard to come by. When the clutter made more and more stress, I caved into the emptiness of my life. I found myself lonesome and bored. Bored of the usual, a massive change needed to happen. I reclaimed the relationships that needed help, such as my bond with my parents: I truly missed knowing my parents for years and I finally managed to sustain a synergistic relationship between me and them. I need to establish a relationship with myself now, a healthy positive relationship with myself.



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