the power of a personal “thank you”

Schermafbeelding 2018-04-22 om 15.01.11

I was reminded of a moment in my past while driving today. A few years ago, the father of my boyfriend at that time was generous enough to help me with my driving lessons. He took some time off and gave me useful advice that until this day has worked its magic. I vaguely remember how I inadequately thanked him for his efforts back then and I felt bad about. At that moment, I sensed a strong loving vibration in my chest when that I hoped would telepathically be send to him as a message or gratitude. But then I realized I should just send a physical thank-you card with my thoughts just in case the telepathy doesn’t work. So it is very cliché and it’s long overdue, but I took the time to search the address, verify how his name is correctly spelled, find an appropriate card, and find the perfect words to write down my message.

I instantly felt like I needed more of these acts in my life. I want to express gratitude, send kind words all over the world, and let people know that their kindness is eternally engraved in our hearts. Sending love and warmth is very much needed in a society of apathy.

It’s a shame to see old people regretting helping out others because they were never properly thanked. My dad for example, expressed his emotions about this topic yesterday. He was angrily frustrated by how little gratitude he got from his other daughter about the sacrifices he made for her to be able to help her paying for a house. He was upset about the troubles he went through to be able to save some money while selling his personal sentimental belongings just to help her out, in a bad economy. I felt for him, he had obviously regrets and didn’t feel appreciated for his efforts. And I told him that he needed to express these thoughts towards her, that she needed to know this, to hear it from himself. But he couldn’t, or maybe he was so hurt that she didn’t realize this on her own. I am not sure how that story will continue, but I hope that my dad doesn’t become bitter out to this disappointment. Being stuck with your unresolved emotions is only burdening you personally and can result in a chronic disease. At least, that’s how I’ve seen it happen.

There are many ways to say what you needed to say. Don’t wrap it in hate, dare yourself to express the pain in a vulnerable and honest way and with that you will gain so much strength in return. Even if you don’t say it to the person’s face, you can always write it down somewhere, and see what you do with this note later.

picture by Kamila_Aubre_Perfumer


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