even my dreams are cluttered

Schermafbeelding 2016-04-25 om 13.16.24

drawing by moonassi

I want to share a dream I had a few nights ago, that really mad its impact on me. I won’t share all the details, just the important details related to minimalism. In my dream I smashed a glass-jar on the ground out of anger and short afterwards I was feeling somehow responsible and accountable for my action so I immediately started picking up the glass pieces on the ground. For some reason once I’ve smashed the object to pieces, I found some tranquillity and got the answers to my frustration but that is not the point. While delicately picking up the glass shards in my bare hands, I came across many other stuff on the ground. Stuff that never got my attention, nor was I aware of their existence. I was astonished by how much “valuable” stuff I could find there. With each piece, I wondered how it got there, who it was from, why was it there, did someone lose this or did they on purposely got rid of it. It was like I’ve never seen so much stuff on a floor: shiny objects, colourful shapes, things that caught my attention and my hands became too small to hold them all. I was somehow childishly happy by what I’ve ‘found’ but once I actually took a good look of what I was holding, I saw those objects for what they really were: garbage and not useful to me, clutter.

I remember waking up from that dream thinking to myself: ‘why do I even have to declutter my dream-landscapes?’ and sadly this is not the first dream I dreamt about clutter, it’s just one that somehow made sense to me and that I chose to share with you. I ensure you, the dreams become more bearable after a while. I am not afraid of the clutter any more. Right now I am learning to just accept the messy places I haven’t decluttered yet. Being stuffocated (=overwhelmed with stuff) is not productive and therefore shouldn’t prevent you from moving forward. Sometimes I purposely close a door from a room or so, just to block that sight from my focused eyes. One session at a time. One day at a time..


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