the use of toilet paper

Fun fact: I used to argue with my former boyfriend about the amount of toilet paper use. I remember always being aware of my global waste and therefore also his waste. During showers I stopped the water from running and I encouraged showering together to waste less water and so on. He actually started to get annoyed by my obsessive behaviour. I argued that he needed to use less toilet paper while taking a dump and he used to argue back that I should let him poo as he pleases. It’s funny looking back at it now and although at that time it sounded quite funny when he said it, he actually wasn’t kidding and was really pissed about it.  It really makes a lot of sense now that we’re not together any more. I believe that my values have shaped my lifestyle even more and they were always going to get in the middle of us.

Somewhere this week, I told my current boyfriend that I saw an interesting video where someone really gave great tips about not using toilet paper any more and only using reusable cloths. The girl in the video made it sound so practical and of course eco-friendly and budget-friendly as well. I never saw myself actually opting for this idea in the past, but seeing that video made it more accessible for me to consider. I was really pleased to notice how my boyfriend wasn’t grossed out by this idea and he even agreed with the beneficial points. Although I am not adapting this habit today yet, I am quite sure that once we will move in together that this routine shall be happening for us. For me change really starts in my head before executing physically, so I’m glad that I already am embracing the idea first. In the meanwhile I wanted to share the video I was talking about, because I really enjoyed it and it might inspire you as well!

And here is another video (from a different youtuber) that goes in depth as well some with very practical information. If you perhaps have found another useful video about this topic do not hesitate to share with us in a comment.

Also, fun fact #2: the chances of a golden drop are heavily increased by eating a plant-based or vegan diet.


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