through vegan eyes

tumblr_m83m05ZzMv1roj2gxo1_500I watch my “environmentalist” friends eating meat, the biggest cause of global warming, ocean acidification, land degradation, and destruction of the Amazon.

I watch my “feminist” friends chowing down on eggs and dairy, literally the products of the abused female reproductive system.

I watch my “spiritual” friends preach kindness and compassion and ‘do unto others,’ and ‘don’t take on negative energy’ while they consume the products of torture, cruelty, and death of the most vulnerable and innocent members of our society.

I watch my “social justice” friends crying out for equal rights for all while they deny every last right to the most vulnerable members of our society.

I watch my “animal lover” friends pay for every form of animal cruelty imaginable to man.

I watch my “doctor” friends tell people that they need meat, eggs, and dairy, some of the biggest contributors to cancer and cardiovascular disease, for iron, calcium, and protein, when these nutrients are found in life-giving plants… and then I watch my ‘healthy fitness’ friends take their advice.

Want to see absurd? See the world through vegan eyes.

words by -Unknown
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