Have you seen Okja yet?

Yesterday June 28th marks the day of Okja‘s release on Netflix, and today June 29th everyone is talking about it. Among vegans, it has been praised -before its release- as a film that would hopefully spread a vegan message and be the first of its kind. Unfortunately, according to many vegans, it wasn’t what they expected. But don’t be discouraged, this film shall probably appeal to a broader audience this way and I’m sure everyone will have something to say about this movie as it is very unique.

I’m not going to spoil the movie or tell you how it goes, because I truly believe you have to experience this one for yourself, and please do so. Okja is not your typical movie but it will leave some impact of emotion. For me, it wasn’t the emotion I was hoping for, but at least it was an emotion and I still needed a moment afterwards to just think about what I’ve just seen. I decided right away that I would rate it an 8.

I want to make a thing clear about this movie, in particular the vegetarian/vegan expectation. In the hope that people would slow down before they project their disappointments and therefore enable this movie’s success. Because believe me, this movie needs to be seen and discussed. I honestly think that if the unaware/average/curious person is somehow attracted to watch Okja, there is a slight chance that this person shall open its mind about some of the movie’s critical points (such as GMO’s, marketing propaganda, meat production, etc.) Keep in mind that the writer/director of Okja (Joon-ho Bong) is not vegan. Therefore the essence of this movie doesn’t come from a vegan state of mind. Okja isn’t about veganism nor speciesism, but it entails the love for a farm animal. And that could inspire people to make the connection between meat and its origin. The movie will lead you to consider seeing farm animals as individuals with their own personalities and therefore I believe the result of the movie is captivating and necessary. 

tip: keep watching Okja until after the end credits,
because one extra scene will be revealed at the very end!

Feel free to share your experience, I would be glad to discuss this movie with you in the comment section here below.


One thought on “Have you seen Okja yet?

  1. I just read about this film and I was a bit disappointed because I thought it was going to encourage veganism. Like you said, it’s valuable because it creates a discussion about GMOs and the meat industry. I hope it gets adequate attention.


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