I can’t agree with most so-called top-chefs out there, who cook without a proper notion of health or nutrition and never question their title and happen to appear everywhere on television and in magazines and get paid for promoting unhealthy lifestyles. As an animal lover and vegan, it’s not appealing for me to watch someone mindlessly prepare dead animal parts, soak it in butter and call it tasty. Therefore I generally tend to stay away from cooking shows and select my food information very carefully. Nevertheless, I came across a documentary series on Netflix about some sophisticated/haute cuisine. Although I wasn’t going to watch this entire documentary series, I still got very intrigued by one specific chef, a strong spiritual aware chef who knows how to feed the body with good intention and pure energy.

Season 3 of The Chef’s Table – Episode 1: This specific episode is inspiring on many levels and I highly recommend you to watch this one. It’s about the life and vision of Jeong Kwan, a Zen Buddhist nun that cooks holy temple food. She prepares her food with calmness, harmony and serenity which makes this food ideal to maintain a zen energy for meditation. Although this documentary focuses upon her exquisite cuisine, for me it mostly depicts her philosophy on peaceful living. She has a way of life that is so calming and she even radiates this energy throughout the documentary. I am not kidding you, I instantly felt peaceful after watching this episode. It was such a delight to get inspired by her divine way of cooking. She made me understand spices as a certain tone of energy, therefore we should be mindful about what kind of energy we put in our system. I already knew as a vegan that staying away form corpses and products that are the result of fear and death is keeping me away from consuming such negative energy. But now I also understand that we don’t always need to season our food for the sake of taste, it matters more what energy we want to attain with this food.



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