On YouTube I came across a few videos where lactating mothers inspire other mums to breastfeed their children (openly). It seemed awkward at first to be exposed to such private content, for me it felt almost inappropriate to be watching this intimate act between mother and child. Despite my initial discomfort, I praised their openness and willingness to broadcast what is the most natural thing in life. I realized how my discomfort has been a learned cultural response, a proof of how our culture alienates us from what is absolutely natural and pushes us father away from our roots. Then again I got very upset to read a huge amount of negative comments/opinions concerning breastfeeding a child that culturally seems old (i.e. older than a newborn baby) to be fed mother’s milk. I cannot grasp how it seem wrong for a mother to decide how long her child needs to be breastfed.

Above that it disturbs me even more to witness how we as a society have been conditioned into believing it is normal for a grownup (wo)man to be drinking the mothers’ milk of another species. We as humans are the only species on earth to be drinking milk as an adult. This phenomenon does not occur in nature. Milk can only be produced when a mammal is pregnant, to feed her child. Let that sink in.

drinking milk


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