sell your dusty guitar, keep the memories

I can only depart with this item if I receive money for it instead. Although I don’t like money just for the sake of owning money, because unused money for me is worth nothing. I prefer to exchange money for new possibilities. Such as selling something old and buying something new instead, investing in something that is worth it today. The idea to exchange something old for something new is how I like to change my life around.

For instance, I own a guitar and it’s quite a sentimental object to me. It has its own guitar-bag, guitar-stand, a footrest and some music books that go along with that one year I took music lessons beside (art-)school. I hated school and needed something to distract me and it worked wonderfully. I gained a new best friend that way and I had an awesome guitar teacher that looked like Johnny Depp.

I don’t know why I was good at it playing music at that time, I heard the teachers gave me one of the highest scores that year and I was shocked knowing that because for me I knew in my heart I wasn’t a natural musician. Everything felt unnatural and awkward (or maybe that was just me); holding the guitar, carrying it, reading the music score, taking care of my nails to a point of reaching perfection. I was obsessed with playing everything immaculately because for me music was black on white and needed to be played as it was written out. I didn’t enjoy rehearsing, I didn’t enjoy playing, I just had to play it right. I was lucky to have a teacher whom I loved very much, if it wasn’t for him I think I would have quit a lot sooner. Anyway, the year after that I moved place and I needed a new music teacher. The new teacher wasn’t my kind of teacher and I didn’t feel at ease with him because the way he taught music wasn’t as I had learned it so I had to basically learn everything from square one. Sadly for my guitar although luckily for me, I had a good excuse to focus upon my photography (at school) entirely and give up on the guitar.

Fast-forward a few years: I can’t read music anymore nor can I play the guitar. Everything I learned at that time is completely lost to me now. Although I want to believe that my subconscious will pick it up quite fast once I refocus upon that skill, I can’t prove it nor do I want to try it out. Because for me it ain’t worth it anymore. It is painful to admit that everything I once put much time, money and effort into, I completely missed memorizing a thing. And it’s quite embarrassing to come across a guitar and know I can’t play anything at all. On the other hand, I am very grateful it gave me the right distraction I needed at that time.

Today I look at this beautiful crafted peace of art and it pains me to let go of it. And every time I decide put the guitar somewhere else away, it procures a small wonderful warm tone that leaves me feeling quite sad about the person I once was. Honestly I know I’m not interested in learning how to play the guitar anymore.

But I can only separate with this item if I can get some money from instead, hopefully meet the new owner in person, exchange the goods, and for me it means I can invest that money in a hobby that is relevant for me today, instead of holding on to the past.


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