accepting digital loss

A few days ago, I’ve worked on something for several hours on my computer and I was quite pleased with the result of my hard work. Unfortunately a few hours later I’ve accidentally overwritten that file and so I lost the original content. Just like that, it was all of a sudden forever lost, god-knows where. I was being inattentive for one millisecond and that has cost me several hours of my day/life. It wasn’t like I have written the most important thing ever, but it really hurt me that I’ve put so much time and effort in making something for hours to go vanish in a brief moment. I know it shouldn’t be such a big deal, but I couldn’t help myself to desperately try to recover that file, that one file, alas unsuccessfully.

One time I completely lost the content on my phone and I don’t know how I managed to get over that loss so well, but I did somehow. I accepted the loss of many photograph memories and digital notes. Although I remember being very upset about it all, I really remember being mostly sad about one specific photograph, still till this day I don’t understand why that’s the case but I assume it meant a lot to me at that time for its sentimental reasons.

I found out that if you lose digital photographs of a souvenir, the memory won’t be taken away from you, such as the actual experience of it all; capturing pictures, remembering the day and even looking at the pictures for some time, therefore the loss of those pictures shouldn’t be so upsetting. The goal of an event is not accumulating pictures but actually experiencing what occurred that day. Therefore losing a digital token of that day won’t deprive you from that occasion. On the other hand when it’s actual work you’ve lost, it feels like you’ve been robbed of your time. The actual goal of your input in this situation is the result of your work, which is in that case more important than the experience itself.

What to do next? It’s sad but the only thing left is to just accept this. Let go of this unfortunate thing and move on with ‘knowing better, doing better next time’ and hopefully regain the courage to start over. It happened and I lost valuable time and effort, but in the meanwhile; I gained this frustration with the need to type down this piece of my personal reflection upon the matter, I also gained the understanding of digital loss a little more and I got the rework on whatever I was working on; not making it better nor worse, just make myself stand strong and keep moving forward with it all, which is in my opinion more rewarding that anything.


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