the immediately

something that has made my life easier is actually cutting out on postponing. lists have always helped me keep track of what had to be done. but most of the time I accumulated tasks of which I haven’t been nearly able to cross something out. I learned to understand that repeating a goal to your brain, creates the illusion that you’ve already fulfilled the quest. therefore you don’t feel the need to actually start with what you’ve planned to do. less talk = more action. well, these last weeks I’ve been focusing upon doing things right away, if possible. not only does it lighten my burden to do things, but it also works effectively. things happen, that way. they meet their deadline right away and they don’t get lost. I’ve had many drafts in the past of projects or anything that had to do with an idea. and I kept postponing (sometimes for perfectionist reasons) until it became so obsolete that I had to throw it away. sadly. complete waste of time. and a waste of energy to carry all the worrying in you mind, and to feel sorry for yourself in the end. none of that anymore. the more I dive deep into minimalism, the more I get to focus upon an empty mind. and this method has truly made major changes in my routine. I used to be a slacker, you know. people thought I was being lazy all the time, but the truth was how much stressed I put upon myself doing things a certain way and never meeting this perfection, so I didn’t do the tasks that were asked of me to do. I believe now I have to lower the burdens upon myself. the only person who keeps me from being happy is only myself. and I feel much better knowing this way. I focus upon what is working and what is a small but true progress, instead of feeling bad about not meeting my high expectations or wishes. they will come eventually, we must be patient, but in the meanwhile, we keep moving forward, with good intent.

schermafbeelding-2017-01-05-om-02-06-41instagram picture by son lux


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