new year’s new energy

It might be something in the air or something I made up, but I have felt a new sparkling source of fresh energy. It feels as if I can actually start to embrace the bliss and love within and around me. The wonderful thing I am experiencing at this moment is a continuous self-love and growing awareness of love towards what is instead of what is not. Embracing the present and focusing on; what is good, what is working and what we have. Instead of endlessly worrying about the shit that just keeps coming. Worrying won’t help. Trusting is actually key. In my heart I’ve been reducing boredom and hate. and I have added the practice of patience instead. I feel more tolerant now towards others and myself. I can finally see how needless it is to blame myself for being the way I am, for the eternal mistakes I make upon my path. I tend to stay away from insecurities and fears, by holding on to what I truly trust: my own strength and the faith I have in the Dao.


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