meet me : meet you


I came across this piece of beautiful handwriting by the hand of photographer Duane Michals. As a fact I have a very soft spot for observing people’s handwriting, it gives me almost tingles to see how letters have been formed and personalized through someone’s characteristics. When I read this kind of random note, I immediately felt the same way about blogging or any personal content we put online. He describes exactly how I feel about everyone that we encounter here or anywhere in our lives. I do believe we are entwined and we came to meet each other, for a reason, probably to grow as individuals and together as a species.

Welcome to my blog, my name is Stéphanie (with the accent and all because my parents wanted it to sound French, their common language) I don’t know if I’ll make an about page or share some background story about myself, but sometimes I believe it doesn’t quite matter. You’ll get to learn me by the the topics I share. And hopefully learn something for yourself as well. I am glad you’re here. And if you are here, reading this blog now, this blog was written for you.


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