there is not a single image of reality

When I studied photography at the academy of fine arts in Ghent, a few years back, I often felt disconnected to the pictures I was taking. Afterwards realizing, I was trying too hard to capture the state of things in how I perceived them as “reality” of the world that felt and seemed very empty and dull, almost lifeless. Little did I know it was my very own projection of my inner world. Well, I came across an interesting point of view by Duane Michals, in which he basically confirms what I believe strongly to be true, today, that is; that reality is merely a reflection of what we are or create and it is all a mirror or window, a reflective surface. Reality is merely a concept that is not to be seen with eyes. At least, that is my very own interpretation of his statement through his writing. I wanted to share this thought with you, simply to emphasize how much we choose the course of the way we perceive the world and how we are the outcome to our self-chosen settings.


 A Failed Attempt To Photograph Reality
How foolish of me to believe that it would be that easy. 
I had confused the appearances of trees and automobiles,
and people with reality itself, and believed that
 a photograph of these appearances to be a photograph
 of it. It is a melancholy truth that I will
 never be able to photograph it and can only fail. 
I am a reflection photographing other reflections 
within a reflection. To photograph reality
 is to photograph nothing.



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