what cage and who built it

I want to share this beautiful metaphor I visually encountered while dreaming. I consider it being very intriguing and open for interpretation. To me, it seemed relevant to different current matters; either on a personal scale or upon a society.

I saw a caged bird, a beautiful creature, harmless and harmonic in its gestures. It had colors blue and red and also a thick furry white neck. I assumed it to be exotic but it was most certainly a very rare kind. I’ve never seen this bird-type nor did I knew its name. In this ladies’ living room I was observing the animal in captivity. I couldn’t tell whether it was a male or female bird. Either way, it seemed to contain the equal amount of energy to imply both genders at once. I noticed how odd it flew, its movements were very delicate and flowing, almost unseen, almost unheard. I looked at its cage and wondered why it hasn’t been freed yet and how its potential has been limited. The longer I stared at the cage, the larger it grew and the more space I noticed, but still the bird was staying in that small position. After a short moment of gazing at that cage, I almost saw it disappear until it completely deformed into a room divider. And I was astonished to see that bird -which, I believed at that very moment- to have freely chosen not to flee through the open air. Yet, I wondered if the bird was aware of its freedom and still chose to stay, or if it was kept silent from him/her. I wondered if the bird had any awareness of its situation, if it knew about freedom.


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