deductie dus.


Today I came across a riddle on TED-education.  I was eager to pay attention to this one, supposedly because it was Einstein’s. (I’ve come to understand he’s defined as a INTP, but I’ll talk about that matter later in another blog. but in case you’re wondering; I am an ENTP) Anyway, two sentences at the conclusion captivated me;


The more logic puzzles you solve, the better your intuition will be
for when and where there’s enough information to make your deductions

this gave me a better understanding of why I’ve always been drawn towards problem-solving (as a young adult mostly by; willing to take time to fully understand mathematical proofs, also killing time with sudoku, and occasionally playing boardgames like Clue or chess). I’ve been conscious early-on about the benefits of relying on my intuition, therefore I made it my job to have a stronger connection with my inner compass. I never thought solving puzzles had anything to do with it, the intuition I mean, but I’m glad I found out, because it proofs me I was doing the right thing for me all along.


Solving puzzles like this often involves false starts and dead ends,
part of the trick is to use the process of elimination, and lots of trial and error to hone in on the right pieces.

and because my brain tends to make strange connections; I relate these last words to the journey I’ve been on intensely and most consciously starting these last years as a lonesome girl, searching for my perfect match in all kinds of human and non-humanly relationships and then recognizing what is good for me. Trial and error is inevitable to find the best suiting option, in my opinion. So trial and error it will always be, for me. Trying is what I believe to be the form of succeeding, not by accomplishing proof or result, but by simply trying and inevitably making progress nevertheless.

*excuse my poor and chaotic English, today I am struggling with tongue, obviously.


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