The ultra cleanse

I’ve been thinking about cleansing..
How can you not be thinking about cleansing,
you hear it everywhere these days.
Cleanse this, cleanse that, how to cleanse..
People talk about cleanses and about detoxifying the body with juices.
Whereas I have been thinking about detoxifying the whole soul, mind and body.
How great would it be to feel completely re-new-ed, let all the anger and hatred go, be washed from negativity and feel pure with good energy.

(This is why I should probably eat healthier, meditate and work out regularly)

This is also why I’ve been drawn to the color white.
It is pure, fresh and stands for a new start.
It is clean and empties/clarifies the mind.
It reduces everything and leaves it blank.

I cannot wait to paint the walls white..

What do you do to cleanse yourself?


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